Best Seats to Watch Baseball Game: Where and Why?

Michael Claunch

Over 10 billion people have recorded baseball as their favorite sport. The number of people who enjoy watching baseball games is even more. Every year, major baseball leagues flood with fans and sports enthusiasts, and the quickly sold pavilions are validation enough for the obsession lion’s share of the population maintains for this sport. You are probably wondering what the best seats at a baseball game are.

Despite the advancements in technology and the possibility of watching games in real-time within the comfort of homes, many fans plan to visit the baseball games in person and feel the adrenaline rush. But when many get a chance to watch a baseball game, it happens to be nothing like they dreamed of, only because of the poor choice of seats. The seats must be chosen wisely, considering the various nuances and possibilities of the game. The seats at a baseball game can make or break the whole experience.

The best seats at a baseball game

Although every seat at a stadium ensures a good view of the game, several hotspots provide a positive edge to the viewer in various aspects. Some of these hotspots give a close view of the game, whereas others let the viewer get a decent picture of the whole game and others provide the viewer the chance to have a close look or even interact with some of their favorite players.

Considering such aspects, some of the best seats to watch baseball game are behind the home plate, behind the dugout of the home team, in suites and clubs, next to the first or third base, etc.

Behind the home plate

A baseball home plate is the last place in the circuit where the base runner rushes to score a run or score. In other words, it is the spot where the real action and heat of the game will be felt. Regarding location, the home plate can be found at the exact opposite of the second base. It is a significant part of forming the baseball diamond. The catcher, the umpire, the batter, etc., will be present at this position. It can be termed as the game’s focal point most of the time.

Being the hotbed of the game, the viewers near the home plate can have a memorable watching experience. Having a seat behind this home plate will fetch more than a few close glances at the game. The viewer can also have a good look at the pitcher and the batter. Also, the fun on the field will appear in front of you, and at times, the viewers feel the rush of the players too. As the seats behind the home plate are incredibly close to the game, wired nets are put in place to prevent viewers from being exposed to any mishits or misruns. Being this close to the game with high safety attracts a good number of people to the seats behind the home plate, and at any match, these seats are sold out first, and they are bound to be some of the most expensive seats too.

best seat to watch baseball game

Behind the dugout of the home team

While the seats behind the home plate are the natural first choice of any baseball enthusiast, the seats behind the dugout of the home team are the natural choice of baseball lovers who are more into individual players.

Dugouts are the bench or area where the players, coaches, assistants, etc., sit during the game. Although most players will be out on the field during the game, they frequent the dugout for equipment, water breaks, etc. Many people who visit baseball games come to have a close look at the game’s star players or even look for a chance to meet and interact with them. For such player fans, the seats behind the teams’ dugout will be the best possible seats.

There are two dugouts at every baseball game; one for the home team and another for the visiting team. As the game is taking place in the hometown of one of the teams, the seats behind the dugout of the home teams are primarily in demand.

The proximity these seats offer to the viewers with the star players makes them one of the best seats for a baseball game. Also, where the coaches sit, the dugout is the center of the strategies employed by the teams. At times, interactions between coaches and players happen at the dugout, which is another reason why the seats behind the dugout are considered one of the best.

Exclusive seats at suites and clubs

Several other kinds of seats are considered the best at a baseball game due to the sheer amenities they offer. The seats associated with the clubs and the suites are some of the most expensive and difficult to book seats at a baseball game. But they do not offer a great view of the game and are not situated in any proximity to the players. But they are equipped with high-end services and facilities that provide a comfortable and pleasant viewing experience for the viewers.

Private rooms are available where the viewer can watch the game on a television screen. As the viewers are charged with high prices for these suites, they are allowed to be present at their concerned seats way before the game and can even use the facilities to hang out before the game. The viewers at such exclusive seats get to sit on couches and are served ample food and beverages.

Next to the first base or the third base

Seats near the first and third bases are also considered the best in a baseball stadium. It is because the centers near these bases offer a great view of both the infield and the outfield. Most of the scoring happens at these two bases, another reason behind the popularity of these seats.

It is observed that many foul balls come towards the pocket of seats next to the first and third base, and thus, the game lovers manage to book tickets in this area and come with basketball gloves in the hope of catching a foul ball that comes their way.

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