What Is a Fly Ball in Baseball? 101 Guide

To help baseball enthusiasts understand what a fly ball in baseball is, why is it such an integral part of the game, and what to anticipate when it occurs, we outlined the most relevant facts about this type of hit.

What Is the Paternity and Bereavement List in Baseball?

Teams support their players during important life moments, and there are formal rules for allowing them some time to handle family emergencies. To provide a fair framework that all teams can follow, MLB instituted the paternity and medical emergency/bereavement lists, clearly defining the conditions for adding or removing players.

Do Baseball Players Wear Cups During a Game? (Answered)

erhaps you heard the discussion centered on the question ‘do baseball players wear cups’ before, and in this article, you will have a chance to learn a bit more about the background of this practice and the extent of its adoption at all levels of the sport.

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