How to Clean a Baseball Bat? What to Use? (2022)

Michael Claunch

The maintenance of sports equipment is a topic that’s not talked about enough. It’s clearly very important to keep baseball or softball bats in perfect condition, so they behave according to expectations on the field and last a long time. While professional teams have equipment managers to worry about preparation, young baseball players and those who play the game recreationally need to take care of their bats.

Learning how to do this properly and which baseball bat cleaner solution to use goes a long way toward developing good habits. Players should adopt their own cleaning routines and stick to them as they are advancing through the ranks, and finding out how to clean a baseball bat at an early age is certainly a part of growing up with the sport. Here is a quick overview of the basic rules of thumb regarding baseball or softball bat maintenance.

Do bats need to be cleaned after practices or games?

Baseball and softball are played in outdoor conditions on dusty fields, so the bats tend to get dirty after a period of use. Bats for both sports need to be cleaned regularly, or they could become too grimy to wield normally. In particular, ball marks tend to remain in spots where the baseball touched the bat, and these are quite resistant. If they are not removed, stains might become permanent and make the bat look old and broken down. Such a bat is not fit for use even in a batting practice, let alone a game.

Accumulated dirt could also affect the performance of the bat. Players want to get a maximum bounce from the bat, and a layer of dirt prevents the ball from exiting at maximum speed and might also cause accuracy issues. Bats that are not properly maintained also need to be replaced more frequently, which adds to the costs of practicing the sport. To avoid problems of this kind, players should look for a simple and reliable way to remove dirt and other impurities from all parts of the bat.

What is the best way to clean baseball equipment?

To ensure that the bat remains fully functional and good-looking for as long as possible, its owner needs to take cleaning quite seriously. Cleaning the bat every several days (or a few weeks at the most) before the dirt becomes too firmly attached to its surface is a good idea, even if the ball marks are barely visible at that stage. This should be done with a standard washcloth made of cotton, which should successfully remove fresh stains and make the bat shiny again. In case there are spots where dirt is sticking to the bat, a harder brush might have to be used instead.

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Photo by Winston Chen on Unsplash

To learn how to clean a baseball or a softball bat, it’s necessary to practice often. Gently rubbing the bat from top to bottom with a wet cloth is a good way to start, after which you should carefully inspect the surface for any remaining ball marks. If there are any resistant stains, they should be brushed away with repeated pressure. The area around the handle deserves extra attention since this is where most of the sweat will be retained, and the shape of this part of the bat makes it harder to reach every spot.

Is there a difference between cleaning a metal bat and one made of wood?

When choosing the right cleaning method and chemical products that can aid in this process, it’s very important to account for the material from which the bat is made. Aluminum bats can be conveniently washed with water and soap without any risk of being damaged, and the dirt can usually be easily removed with a soft cloth. Regular hand soap without bleach or dishwashing solution is suitable for this purpose, and just a small amount is needed. You can use a cleaner product with this type of bat, even if there are no major benefits from doing so.

More caution is required when deciding how to clean a baseball bat made of wood or composite materials. Wood is water absorbent, and if the bat is soaked for too long, it might become slightly deformed and lose some of its properties. Instead of using the water and soap mixture for scrubbing a wooden bat, it might be better to use diluted alcohol applied on a tissue. Wiping any remaining droplets of liquid off the bat after cleaning is highly recommended, while the process should be finished by storing the bat in a dry and dark place with the handle facing up. This is the right way to maintain wooden bats and make sure that frequent cleaning won’t damage them in any way

Are there any products for bat cleaning that are worth using?

A key part of learning how to clean a baseball bat is to identify which cleaning products can be helpful for this task. As we mentioned earlier, many players use soapy water or ethanol to remove dirt from the bat, but there are some advantages to using chemical products. That said, you should still carefully select the cleaning product based on its composition and avoid acetone or other highly reactive substances that could potentially degrade the bat’s surface and compromise its smoothness.

There are quite a few cleaning liquids or pastes that are marketed specifically for the maintenance of sports equipment, but you don’t even have to splurge for expensive baseball bat cleaner. There is a number of regular kitchen cleaning products (such as Magic Eraser made by Mr. Clean) that can do the job without putting the bat at risk. It’s worth trying some of those easily available solutions to see whether they can make the cleaning process easier and more effective. Since wiping baseball bats should be a personal ritual, it only makes sense that every player should find his ideal combination of rugs, brushes, and chemicals and use them regularly.

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